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Why Choose CASS?

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Why should I consider CASS — Central Arkansas Building and Storage, Inc.?

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  • Provides value with personalized products and services;
  • Is family owned, experienced and trusted (since year);
  • Can build onsite or at CASS (you choose);
  • Will deliver partial or completed projects, depending upon your desires;
  • Offers feasible costs and options;
  • Is local – you can call us and get immediate help;
  • Honors your requests, when doable and feasible for you.

You can

  • Work directly with hardworking, committed, local family members;
  • Save money by choosing CASS;
  • Get products you can trust that will last;
  • Help to strengthen your local economy;
  • Shop locally from those who live and work in your community, too;
  • Be treated as a human, not as a number.

Call Louis or Matt Teer today to discuss your project and building needs, including your specifications and budget. We can help to clarify your options.


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