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Storage Buildings (aka "Barns")

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Get organized with a CASS Storage Building or Barn

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Value, personalized products and services from an experienced, local family who cares.

Want your builder to listen? Understand your needs? Provide the best products and deliver to spec at an affordable cost?

Often, those closer to a city or town refer to these structures as “storage buildings,” while customers in the country refer to them as “barns.” Whatever the lingo you prefer, CASS offers buildings to help you organize your equipment, work space, workshop, tools, outdoor patio furniture in the winter, or even kids (when used as a playhouse).

True financing may be available for storage building purchases (not rent-to-own).


  • Gables


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  • Lofted Barns

    Lofted Barns

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  • Standard


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Basic types of storage buildings and barns

  • Gable shed
  • Lofted barn
  • Standard barn

Choose the basic type of storage building or barn, and then customize with common options according to your needs.

Common Options

  • Size (any size, according to your specifications)
  • Foundation (on-grade, permanent)
  • Siding (paintable, wood, vinyl, resin, metal, etc.)
  • Roofing (degree of slope, shingles or metal)
  • Doors (single, double, hinged, sliding )
  • Windows (single pane, double pane, insulate, etc.)

All materials used in the construction of your storage building are high quality.

Call Louis or Matt Teer today to discuss all the options you may desire when determining the size and type of storage building or barn that fits your needs.


CASS also offers Mini Storage rentals:

Size Rent Size Rent
5x10 $44 10x10 $60
5x12 $49 10x15 $68
7x9 $49 10x20 $75
8x10 $55 12x25 $109

Special offers often available

We will work with you!

Discuss with Louis or Matt Teer.


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