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Chicken Tractors

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Chicken tractors provide shelter, safety, and a nesting spot.

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Value, personalized products and services from an experienced, local family who cares.

Chicken tractors provide shelter and safety for your animals and come in a variety of styles.

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While your chickens may move around a lot, you may or may not want their chicken tractors to move, so we offer options to fit your needs.

Basic types of chicken tractors

  • Permanent
  • Portable


CASS also offers Mini Storage rentals:

Size Rent Size Rent
5x10 $32 10x10 $45
5x12 $37 10x15 $53
7x9 $40 10x20 $59
8x10 $42 12x25 $80

Special offers often available

We will work with you!

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